• Your Rights, One Voice: Sarah’s Story

    Your Rights, One Voice: Sarah’s Story

    Music, science, art—10-year-old Sarah Giacoio of West Chester, Pennsylvania, likes and does it all. But one day, when she signed up to join her school’s Science Explorers club, her mother, Heather, was told the school […]

  • Who Is on Your Diabetes Care Team?

    I know from personal experience that caring for diabetes can be complicated; it has many dimensions and varying effects on both body and mind. It makes sense, then, that a variety of healthcare specialists may […]

  • Live. Work. Play: Molly’s Diabetes Story

    Live. Work. Play: Molly’s Diabetes Story

    Working for the American Diabetes Association® means making a difference for millions of people and working toward a future free of diabetes and all its burdens. We all have a story to share. Some of […]

  • Tips for a Diabetes Care Routine

    For some people, living with diabetes may at times feel like a full-time job. And no wonder. The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) recommends seven self-care behaviors to learn and hone as part of […]

  • An All-Star Restaurant Idea, Inspired by Diabetes

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  • Getting to Know JDRF CEO Derek Rapp   

    He’s the CEO who poses for his official photo with the organization’s teddy bear mascot. You’ll find him out on a bike ride 100 miles through Death Valley side by side with advocates. He loves […]

  • “This Is Our Life. This Is Diabetes.”

    “This Is Our Life. This Is Diabetes.”

    Robin developed gestational diabetes while pregnant, but her doctors thought it would go away after her son was born. When she returned to the doctor weeks, months and then years after her delivery, she was […]

  • Metabolism and Diabetes

    Many of us have heard rumors about the people who say they can chow down something like an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream without gaining an ounce of weight. Often they claim […]

  • 25 Legends: Eric Wicklund

    25 Legends: Eric Wicklund

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of two American Diabetes Association® signature fundraising events—Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes® and Tour de Cure®. Every dollar raised at these events supports people living with diabetes and […]

  • This is Christina. This Is Diabetes

    This is Christina. This Is Diabetes

    Christina thrives on a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. But because of her schedule and frequent business travel away from her home in Seattle, her eating habits were often sporadic. “I would eat whatever was convenient, whether […]